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  • Samantha Martel

    Hello! I have played and loved Folk Music all my life and Irish folk especially. I play piano, soprano and alto recorder, flute, clarinet, mandolin, Irish Whistle, and concertina - I mostly play for our own entertainment at home and sometimes with frien...

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  • Dedryver Flavien

    I'm not a musician in fact.

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  • Suzanne Bernstein

    I live in Catskill NY. I have played guitar since I was little. Now that I am retired, I am learning fiddle and enjoying it immensely!!

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  • njhvidberg

    Hi, im from Denmark, i play guitar, banjo and mandolin and im a lead singer in West Folk, Viser Wældig and Bodaich. I also take out by my self.

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  • Ralph Federspiel

    My name is Ralph Federspiel I play Fiddle, Viola, guitar, ukulele, Button Box accordion, and concertina. I live in Kirkland Washington.

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