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  • SylviaE

    Pacific Northwest/US. Fiddling since a few years and loving it (too much probably!)

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  • Rebecca Root

    Boulder, Colorado, USA. Harp, mandolin.

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  • Ksernlox joined 6 hours ago
  • Nohoval Turrets

    I play the flute (poorly) and guitar. I rarely play in sessions these days.

    joined 9 hours ago
  • Tim Thompson

    Texas here. Mainly play bodhran but I do dabble a little bit on the mountain dulcimer

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  • MadSc13ntist joined 10 hours ago
  • David Popper

    Folk cellist

    joined 11 hours ago
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  • paul bennett

    have loved irish/Scottish music for a number of years,ive low whistles a practice set of uilleann pipes ,guitar

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