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  • Bona

    Drummer and samba percussionist currently learning to play the bodhrán

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  • Jerry St Peter

    Hi I’m from Woodstock NB Canada, I play Guitar and Mandolin. love playing Irish and French tunes

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  • CelticMark

    Whistle, Flute, Harp. Wanna play a stick dulcimer I think 🙂

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  • Jim Hamilton


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  • Valerio

    Salutations. I’m Italian, I’m 62 and I play the guitar when I have some free time. I love Irish music. Thank you for subscribing to this site.

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  • MattMatt

    Played transverse flute for more than 10 years in conservatory when I was young, then learned guitar on my own as a teen. I wish I could play flute again and learn Irish flute. Started to play bombard in a breton association.

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