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  • Sacavibi

    Hi, I’m setting up a new SW Morris side -The Avocets…

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  • Milly Matis

    I play string bass and would love to see a part for that instrument, in bass clef, not just chord symbols on a treble line.

    joined 6 hours ago
  • Fran Gardner

    I play violin, mostly fiddle tunes, a bit of bluegrass and a lot of O’Neill (Music of Ireland and Dance Music of Ireland). I live in Portland, Ore. I can’t really play with others because I’m disabled with MS. I do miss that.

    joined 6 hours ago
  • ToddGak

    Mandolin, Guitar, Banjo

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  • Ludovico

    Mandolin player (since autumn 2021) from Padova, Italy.

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  • donnie.lochhead joined 12 hours ago
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  • citafiddle

    Fiddle Irish, Scottish player

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  • skjellyphetti

    Fiddler, currently based in Montreal

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