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  • Carl Bray

    Starting to learn the fiddle.

    joined 2 hours ago
  • Bel Grainger joined 7 hours ago
  • Mbsz53

    I'm from America. I'm learning to play the guitar and mandolin.

    joined 8 hours ago
  • David Sansome

    Fiddle, guitar, 5-string banjo,whistle. Singer with two others.

    joined 10 hours ago
  • Phil Curran joined 13 hours ago
  • Pateseto joined 17 hours ago
  • Maurizio P

    Italian living in Poole, Dorset, UK.

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  • Beth Milligan

    I am an ER physician from the U.S. I live in Arkansas. I play the French horn, trumpet, harmonica, guitar, keyboard and now learning the whistle. My ancestors are from Ireland and Scotland. So far the Whistle is my most favorite because I can read mus...

    joined 22 hours ago
  • Balthazar

    Violist from Melbourne, Australia.

    joined 23 hours ago
  • Alex Stillwell

    I am from Ontario, Canada. I play guitar but just started learning to play the violin a couple of years ago.

    joined one day ago