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  • Steve Dent

    I have been playing bodhran in irish music sessions for over thirty years. I have played with many bands around London and the south east, the Kitchen band with Pete and Chris Ffyfe, Dreocht with piper Bob White, Jiggery Pockery, Ploughmans Bunch, the Sou...

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  • Roderick Craig

    Hi, play fiddle, mandolin, guitar, bass. I also been judging fiddle contest for about 40 years.

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  • Papageno

    Beginner tin whistle player.

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  • Mr. Gordon

    I am from the USA, but my family and I have been working and living in South Korea for many years now. Once upon a time, I played guitar, mandolin, bass guitar, ukulele, and various percussion instruments. A woodworking accident left me with partial-feeli...

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