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  • Zerbel

    Im a singer and fiddle player in Germany. Bring on the Session for Monheim am Rhein

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  • John Welsman

    From Ontario, mandolin, learning in my retirement.

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  • Marie Lynch

    I am an Audience, a very necessary part of any session. My brother, Mick Lynch was a singer, songwriter and performer and I have all his songs, words, poems etc that I would love to make available or whatever, not to let his voice die. He died in 2015

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  • Kitty Prokopek

    I’m from Michigan....I play guitar, have been taking lessons for a few years. I also play a little piano, and played the clarinet for many years.

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  • CEJ

    I am learning the whistle after moving to Scotland and always looking for nice little sets to learn for my local session.

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