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  • Angela Hahn

    Cape Cod/Boston; mandolin

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  • Liz Mullan

    I play descant recorder and am looking for folk tunes to play, particularly gaelic tunes.

    joined 50 minutes ago
  • medvieda

    Hi, my name is Martina.I am living in Warsaw but originally I am from Slovakia. I play on the accordion. I like dancing, doing sport. I like learning new thing.

    joined 55 minutes ago
  • Sandy T.

    I'm a Michigander (Detroit area) trained as a vocal ed teacher - Began playing violin 10 yrs. ago.

    joined 2 hours ago
  • Nick Trapani

    From Northern California and learning the classical guitar. I love Celtic music.

    joined 7 hours ago
  • Paula Jaicks

    I am from the suburban Chicago area. I play piano, hammered dulcimer, lap dulcimer, fiddle, and mandolin

    joined 11 hours ago
  • FionaCZ

    I’m from MA and I play the concertina!

    joined 15 hours ago
  • Gillian jack


    joined 17 hours ago
  • Kevin Teague

    I'm from Southwest Florida. I play the mountain dulcimer.

    joined 18 hours ago
  • sidhom

    I'm an amateur tin whistle player. I come from an Egyptian background. I would like to make some of the traditional folk Coptic tunes available in ABC notation. Many of the Coptic tunes use 3/4 tone interval which can be transcribed in ABC notation and pl...

    joined 18 hours ago