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    Piano Accordion

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    Learning fiddle but a decent set dancer

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  • Seonaidh Morton

    Tha mi a' fuireach san Rìoghachd - sin e, Rìoghachd Fìobha. Mar a chì sibh, tha Gàidhlig agam - agus cuideachd Beurla 's Cuimris. I stay in the Kingdom - the Kingdom of Fife. As you can see, I speak English - and also Welsh and Gaelic. Rw i'n tri...

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    Highland bagpipes, Whistle and Guitar

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  • Steve P Burke

    From Clitheroe Lance. Involved in promoting long running ITM session every fortnight at The New Inn, Parson Lane, Clitheroe. Live Sessions up and running once more after Covid break.

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