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  • Chris Cronin

    From West Cork and play the button box

    joined 9 hours ago
  • Chabod

    Im in New Jersey, U.S.A. Trained Dancer, Modern Dance Choreographer. I also play Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, Flute, Recorder, Tin Whistle, and African/Cuban Percussion.

    joined 11 hours ago
  • Vera Herman

    Beginner fiddle

    joined 15 hours ago
  • Lizzy Mary

    I have started to play harp and I am from co limerick

    joined 20 hours ago
  • Mary DeLap joined 22 hours ago
  • Barbara Cummings

    I live in Washington State, USA.

    joined 22 hours ago
  • Padraig McHale

    Whistle, play a bit, but just for myself, at the moment.

    joined one day ago
  • Mark Cooper

    Kiwi based in Invercargil that plays Clawhammer Banjo and Mandolin

    joined one day ago
  • Alan McHale

    From Glasgow lives in Galway Ireland

    joined one day ago
  • Chris Campbell

    Hi there,

    joined one day ago