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  • Rachel Urbach

    I’m a violinist just trying to get back into folk playing. Played a lot of Breton for some years. But up for playing whatever is going. I’m intermediate level I would say! Just started going along to Chimney House and have done a couple of things …

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  • Sheryl Davey

    I’m a recently retired elementary music teacher from Lake George, NY. Majored in piano/music ed. Also a wind player from way back- clarinet, saxophone, a bit of flute. After teaching recorder I became more curious about that but especially about pennywh…

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    Queensland AU.

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    Just learning the tin whistle. 73 yr old in Ohio. I found this forum looking for advice on tonguing. I find it uncomfortable. I think I can use the sane technique I used on the clarinet in high school 50 years ago. Separates notes effortlessly. Not sure …

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