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    Hi, I was born in Dublin in Hatch street Maternity Home (!) in 1947 and currently live in Rio de Janeiro.

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  • Irish Session Rio

    A group dedicated to organising Rio’s regular sessiun.

  • Otero

    I’m from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I play Whistles, Galician Bagpipe (Gaita Galega) and Uilleann Pipe.

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  • Eibhlín Ní Bhaoill

    I’m originally from Co.Donegal in ROI but currently living in Rio de Janeiro. i used to play in a tradiotnal fife and drum band and nowadays I play the bodhran.

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    hello i play the recorder and I sing. Recently, I have been introduced to the pratice of irish music and traditions. Other than this I am a music teacher and an opera singer.

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  • Kevin Shortall

    Irish-Brazilian guitarist/banjoist/bouzoukiist (is that a real word?) living in Rio, messing around with DADGAD, drop D, bouzouki and Irish tenor banjo. I’ve been playing trad since 2011, and am a member of Café Irlanda, a local trad band.

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