Members near Moggill, Queensland

  • Wyverne

    I’m from Moggill, Queensland, Australia. I play descant, alto and tenor recorder, and piano.

    joined one year ago
  • Ibrahim Underwood

    Hi, I’m from Brisbane, Australia, and I play the Mandolin. No specific genre interests for the Mandolin, but I have tended towards the bluegrass and Irish (rebel) tunes.

    joined 7 years ago
  • DashBob

    Fascinated with Irish music and starting to learn the tin whistle. Finding it difficult to tear myself away from needing sheet music for every tune and learn by listening. YouTube is proving to be a better educator in this regard, particular when consider…

  • Nick Partridge joined 4 months ago
  • Peter McMeel

    Teacher of Music. Celtic. Guitar, banjo, Melodeon. D Tuned Ukulele.

  • Deirdre Hurley joined 8 years ago
  • Neil Carter joined 2 years ago
  • chuneboi slim

    Steve . Erratic Guitar Stylist , Somewhat Handy Bassist, and Clumsy Mandolin Clown from Brisbane, Australia. Member of busking dynamic duo, “Cider House” , pop poets “3 Miles from Texas” (that’s Texas Queensland) and the crown princes of minimal…

  • Neil O Brien

    From Tipperary originally now living in Brisbane Australia,

    joined 8 years ago
  • Seamus Coye joined 2 years ago