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  • Donough

    I never had a nickname and got through boarding school as one of the few who never got one. I think my real name was weird enough even in Ireland. BTW it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic word "Donnacha" or "Donnchadh" which is the word for Denis/Dennis a...

  • Mark Hemery

    I am from Perth, Western Australia. I play guitar mainly, but getting into mandolin, whistle and singing. I have played guitar and bass in rock bands for many years (Chad's Tree, Marigolds, 80s Inc) but I am now interested in exploring traditional music...

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  • Gerry D.

    Hi,I'm originally from Galway but have been in Australia for many years. Have lived in Kalgoorlie for a lot of that time and was involved with a couple of bands there playing Irish music and also doing bush dances. I play mostly whistle,accordion,bodhran,...

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  • Chris Horgan

    Instruments: Irish Flute, Whistle, Uilleann Pipes, Bodhran.

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  • Lindsay Cullen

    live Perth, Australia.

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  • Dennis C. Glorie

    Hello, I'm from Perth, Western Australia. Play the accordion and great highland bagpipes. I like to learn different instruments as well so always adding to the collection as time allows.

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  • David Gorman


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