Members near Wellard, Western Australia

  • Dave8710 joined 6 years ago
  • Martin Montgomery

    Goat thumper Perth Western Australia

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  • Lindsay Cullen

    live Perth, Australia.

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  • Petiteviolon

    Classical musician who has always loved traditional fiddle music and I'm throwing myself in the deep end and learning. And its fun to be a beginner once again.

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  • Nelly Kinsella

    From Perth Australia

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  • Gerry D.

    Hi,I'm originally from Galway but have been in Australia for many years. Have lived in Kalgoorlie for a lot of that time and was involved with a couple of bands there playing Irish music and also doing bush dances. I play mostly whistle,accordion,bodhran,...

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  • sgp

    Hi, I'm Stuart, live in Fremantle, Western Australia, from Scotland originally and play flute, whistle and mandolin. Currently playing with Blue Celts, The Rogues, and Dave Hyams and the Miles to Go Band.

  • Jay Pickford joined 5 years ago
  • bindicat

    I play the concertina (anglo) and am based in the hills of Perth Western Australia. I play a well-loved and well-used Morse Ceili and I occasionally take an old 1950's Wheatstone out of its box for some fresh air.

  • Donough

    I never had a nickname and got through boarding school as one of the few who never got one. I think my real name was weird enough even in Ireland. BTW it is an Anglicisation of the Gaelic word "Donnacha" or "Donnchadh" which is the word for Denis/Dennis a...