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  • Ruth Treyde

    from Tathra NSW, play mandolin

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  • Ross Ebeling

    I'm from the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, NSW, Australia. I've been exposed to ITM and Celtic dance music since the "Scottish Dances" at the old Methodist church my parents went to, but what stuck in my head and dragged me here was an Alan Stivell reco...

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  • DannonClaire
  • Angelique Toy

    small amount of guitar, voice and a lot of dancing.

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  • stuart dutton

    Ancient Australian. Amateur fingerstyle player for 40 years, mostly blues and pop anthems but want to learn more Celtic music and DADGAD tuning. Have:

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  • Adrienne

    I am from the United States. I have lived in Australia since 2004 and am married to an Australian man. I used to play in what we used to call alt. country bands. Remember 'roots' or 'folk rock'? That was us. It was a long time ago and I haven't been ...

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  • Andrew Provan

    Hi all!

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