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  • Wombat

    I'm from just outside Sydney Australia between Campbelltown and Bowral - I play classical guitar but for Irish music I play the mandolin and the octave mandolin I can also murder the piano accordion

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  • Kristina Took

    Hi I'm from Camden NSW and I have been playing the mandolin since I was 10 years old. I learnt to play with a Polish Community in Cabramatta. I started playing in bush bands in 1980 while I was at College in Wagga Wagga studying teaching. I am currently i...

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  • Michael Breen

    I am an Australian of Irish and Scot heritage. I have worked in education and as an organizational psychologist, but basically I am a humanist. At 85 I am still wondering what my life's work is. Discovered my Celtic heritage in my thirties, after a period...

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  • Ian Stevens

    Hi all,

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  • Tia Wilson

    Wollongong, Australia. I play accordion.

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  • Alison Foley

    I’m from Ireland. I live in Albion Park, Australia. I play the guitar, feadóg, flute and I love many music genres but am drawn to Irish folk and trad morning than anything else

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  • John Spira

    Alto Sax, clarinet (key of C; just started with this instrument)

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