Members near Longchamps, Provincia de Buenos Aires

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  • Malena

    Hi, my name is Malena, I’m 23, live in Buenos Aires, Argentina and love ITM, of course 🙂

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  • noemi

    I´m singer

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  • MarsoAbalos

    I’m Marcelo Abalos, I play flutes, galician bagpipe and zanfona in Achaiva da Ponte, galician celtic folk. I Live in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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  • David Funes

    I’m just an Argentinian who really loves European Folk music, mainly Irish Music, Celtic Pagan Music, and Scandinavian Folk Music.

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  • Amparo Zeballos

    Hi! I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I study violin and I love singing. I also sporadically enjoy playing recorders and tin whistles. 🙂

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  • Andrea Fernández

    Hi my name is Andrea.

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