Members near La Plata, Provincia de Buenos Aires

  • Raso Emiliano

    From La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. I play Tenor Banjo, Bouzouki and Mandolin. Currently hosting La Plata's Irish Session ( ( Musician on the band La Folk (

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  • lgmzac

    I'm from argentina, play guitar, bodharn and sing

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  • Fauno

    guitar player from Argentina

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  • Daniel Esteves

    I am from Argentina. I play guitar, whistles and other flutes, and just started studying celtic harp. I'm very fond of Celtic music and also of American and Irish folk.

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  • fdtrillo

    I'm an argentinian guitarist of galician descent who is really interested in folk music

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  • Pablo Caponera

    Hi, I´m from Argentina. I play the fiddle and love irish folk music. I´ve been playing for a year now in an irish folk music band and I´m learning my way through this fantastic tradition. This site helped a lot, thank you!

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  • Gustavo Fuentes

    I have been playing Celtic music for over 30 years. I do it as soloist, as well as with his own Quintet as director of Avalon Coro and Buenos Aires Celtic Music Ensemble. I play tin-whistle and piano. I have driven bands like Amergin and Eriskay. I live i...

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