Members near Ōrākei, Auckland

  • Damien Murphy joined 4 years ago
  • Chih

    Flute & tin whistle player, who is trying to learn the uilleann pipes.

  • Greg Finucane

    Playing mandola, octave mando, banjo and having a go at flute (the dizziness and horrible noise in the ears is starting to resolve).

    joined 9 years ago
  • Kim Shepherd

    Kim Michael Shepherd

    joined 9 years ago
  • Janellybean

    I’m a newbie recorder player from New Zealand who’s fallen in love with Irish folk music. I’m so glad I discovered this site, I’m really looking forward to learning new songs!

    joined one year ago
  • Oliver Smith

    I’m Olly Smith from Auckland New Zealand. I play the fiddle (and electric fiddle). Have Celtic ancestry and love Celtic tunes.

    joined 4 years ago
  • Colleen Pope

    Hi, my name is Colleen. I was born in South Africa and relocated to New Zealand in 1997.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Craig Shearer joined 8 years ago
  • Elizabeth Bennett joined 8 years ago
  • David Cooper

    I am an oboe player with a long standing interest in the hautboy. I have owned a Moek Steinkopf after J D Zencker instrument since 1989 but until recently have considered it unplayable.

    joined 8 years ago