Members near Belmont, Victoria

  • noelnorton

    Fiddle player living in the Geelong area, Australia

  • David Cunningham

    Born and raised in Scotland, now living in Australia (since 1970). I have a great love for Irish music and songs,

    joined 6 years ago
  • berniewoolf

    Fiddle & Guitar.. Geelong.

    joined 4 years ago
  • jdalt

    I'm a Waterford bloke living in Indented Head, Victoria, Australia. I got really interested in the tenor banjo after hanging around in Cardiff in the late seventies with a great Irish tenor player, Jimmy Barcoe, now living in Macclesfield I believe. Since...

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  • piobaire24

    Piper, tutor, composer

  • John Sydenham

    I am from the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria. I have recently started to learn to play the tin whistle. I am currently using a Freeman Mellow Dog in D. The learning process is delightfully frustrating. I played the bagpipes for a year or so in my late te...

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