Members near Hobart, Tasmania

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  • Woolley Jumper

    Greetings - I'm Mathew Woolley from Tasmania. I've been sessioning for around a decade. My main goal here is to pick up plenty of new tunes and find some good sessions when traveling.

  • John Hickey

    I live in Tasmania and accompany Irish tunes on DADGAD guitar. I play with a band called The Wheels.

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  • abelissteven

    Hobart, Tasmania. Mandolin and Fiddle. Honours Student in Chemistry. =)

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  • Charlie Davis

    Member Hobart Old Time String Band. Play soprano banjo-uke, but working on getting mandolin melodies up to speed.

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  • Freespirit

    Tenor Banjo player, regular sessioner at Hobart , Tasmania. Mad for trad.

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  • Jonathon Linn

    I live at the bottom of an island off a bigger island at the bottom (its all relative) of the world - Tasmania.

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  • Trevor Jones

    I'm a guitar player from way back and my wife plays mandolin. We have a trio with a friend, a fiddler and play in the Houn Yalley in the deep-south of Tasmania.

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