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  • annieland

    Live in Singapore. Raised in Ireland. Born in Birmingham. Did the classical route as a child/ young adult. Now I play harp, learning flute and love to sing, solo or with the guitar or harp.

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  • Law Chi-Yan

    羅知恩 Law Chi-Yan

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  • Ger Mythen

    Born in Waterford, Ireland in 1967, guitarist & singer Ger Mythen began his music career busking on the streets of his hometown in the mid-1980s.

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  • tanandy77

    Hello everyone. I’m from Singapore. And I’m learning to play the tin whistle on my Chris Wall Sweetbrass 🙂

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  • Gerryguitar

    Proud student of the instrument that shall not be named and the other (8 stringed) Greek instrument that also shall not be named!

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  • Carolyn L. S.

    I’m an American living in Singapore playing fiddle in a very forgiving and fun session at a pub called Molly’ Malone’s. I’ve played violin for more years than can be counted, but those years have been spent playing exclusively classical music.

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