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  • carole johnson

    What is the night club that is having the new years ever party and how do we get tickets? please send me a link thank you carole

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  • capnmike

    I go by capnmike because I used to be a licensed charter sailing captain. As of 2015: I'm 69, Irish descent, and play the mandolin,tenor banjo, guitar, some fiddle, and am learning the English and Anglo concertinas. I'm currently living, working, playin...

  • Mark D.

    Location: Honolulu, HI; Hometown: St. Louis, MO

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  • SaraR joined 4 years ago
  • Duane Padilla joined 2 weeks ago
  • Tomccabe

    I live in Hawaii, play guitar, and am learning concertina.

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  • helen m.b. Loftus

    Originally from Balllina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

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  • gandalffoogray

    Am learning to play the violin

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  • Jimbeau Walsh

    I been living in Hawaii now for 25 years ..originally from Chicago .. started playing drums at age 9 ..then learned some guitar at 15 ..became a professional drummer for many years ..but always composed songs on guitar. I am intrigued and touched by tradi...

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  • Randal Allred

    I am from Hawaii, on O'ahu, and play in a little band called Southwind--I play guitar, and we have two whistles, a fiddle, and an Irish harp. We do Celtic tunes of all kinds, mostly traditional, in addition to hymns (since so many come from Celtic tunes)...

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