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  • Mikal

    Currently living in South Florida. I play renaissance lute, recorder, and penny whistle. Favorite place for good Celtic music is The Field Irish Pub and Eatery at 3281 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, Florida. The house band is Celtic Bridge, whose members are...

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  • JAEgo2

    Passionate (but crappy) fiddler who took up playing at 42 years of age with no prior music training.

  • P. Quinn

    I live in Plantation, in south Florida, and started fiddle lessons in June 2016 with a main interest in Irish music with some Old Time, as there seems to be a bit of crossover between the genres in tunes, if not styles. I'm still pretty poor at playing, b...

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  • Arthur Jacoby

    I play the fiddle. I am now living in Boca Raton, FL and go the session at Tim Finnigan's in Delray Fl. I learned to play at the Irish Arts Center in NYC. I am retired, travel and do photography when I am not fiddling around.

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  • Brian MacEinri

    I was born in Belfast in the early 70's and had then great fortune to be fed all kinds of great music as a kid. My parents had all points on the musical spectrum covered.

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  • Kathy Kelly

    I moved to Cary NC in April and would love to attend sessions just to hear good trad music, and perhaps setdance.

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