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  • JAEgo2

    Passionate (but crappy) fiddler who took up playing at 42 years of age with no prior music training.

  • Alan Gibbons

    Retired -Age 71 - acquired a fine practice set a few months ago. Hope to live long enough to become proficient. Also learning to play the fiddle.

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  • sean peters joined 10 years ago
  • Tom Devlin

    Retired, 64, Just got my first instrument of any kind, the Concertina. I bought an inexpensive? $135US, Regoletta, 20 key on eBay to learn on.

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  • Mikal

    Currently living in South Florida. I play renaissance lute, recorder, and penny whistle. Favorite place for good Celtic music is The Field Irish Pub and Eatery at 3281 Griffin Rd, Dania Beach, Florida.

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  • Sonny Boy K

    Married, 4 kids (3 boys, 1 girl), 55 Years old, live in Lake Worth, Fl., have been on the same beginner harmonica book for 15 years (should be a world record!!!)

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  • Robert Brixius

    Thank you. My name is Bob. I am from Palm Beach, Florida USA. We are a musical family. Guitar, Piano, Flute, Drums, Bass, Trumpet and Clarinet. I found you by searching web for flute and guitar music. Glad I did. By the way….

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  • Sheri Hazeltine joined one month ago
  • James Alexander

    I have played guitar for a few years now and electric bass for a short while. I love contra music. It gets down into my bones when I hear it and makes me want to move. I would like to get together to jam.

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  • Eric Crawford

    Hi all,

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