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  • George Hausser

    from Marietta Ohio

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  • Myrajane Lombardo

    I am a native of Syracuse, New York, the United states. I am in my 70's and have 3 folk harps, a carbon fiber from Heartland, a 26 string, also from Heartland and a 36 string cherry made by Lionwood. I play mostly for my enjoyment, however I am in a har...

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  • Nancy McDowell

    Performing and recording musician and partner of Allan Block for 10 years in the 1970's/early 1980s.

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  • Ian Barksdale

  • cjp

    I am Carey Parks, a whistle maker living working and playing in Fort Myers, Florida. While the flute and whistle are my primary instruments, I dabble in tenor banjo, mandolin and bodhran for tunes I don't know on some other instrument. When I reach for my...



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  • Charmaine Powers

    Learning the violin.....some piano....

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  • Bruce Vernon

    Hello all! I'm from rural Indiana, in the U.S. I now reside in southwest Florida. I'm a post war boomer, born in 1947, graduated high school in 1965. I first learned to play piano. Took lessons from age 5 to 10. Learned to read music, but it hasn't hurt m...

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