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  • Brandon Martin

    Hey there. Living in Orlando, Florida, USA. I love folk music from all over the world, including music of the Isles. I sing mostly, but I play some piano, violin, and guitar.

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  • Gloria Hays

    A passion for Irish music & the hammer dulcimer is what drives this musician. Having spent plenty of time in the Isles at sessions, I returned to Madison, WI to start a successful weekly Song Circle. Now living north of Tampa, FL, I'm looking for fellow C...

    joined 7 years ago
  • Jason_Van_Steenwyk

    Recently relocated to Orlando, Florida, with occasional trips to Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA. Shout out to all my friends in all of those places. I play fiddle and guitar. I'm a closet J.S. Bach player and finger style guitar player, as well, though ...

  • randy737

    I have a little D/G Castagnari Giordy and I'm looking for a teacher who can help me learn it.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Shane joined 6 years ago
  • Dana R Gregory joined 8 years ago
  • Chad MacINNES

    I'm from Florida, and play bass, guitar, and piano. I also sing. Would like to learn the bagpipes at some point.

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  • sean mcdermott joined 8 years ago
  • adelfoy

    forever befuddled but forever hopeful of befiddling better.

  • Michelle Palmer joined 8 years ago