Members near Cape Canaveral, Florida

  • fleminwm1


    joined 3 years ago
  • Larry Wright

    Live in Melbourne Florida. Play the bodhran in the Sunday evening session at HOGANS Irish Pub in Cape Canaveral and the Tuesday night session at Meg O'Malleys Irish Pub in Melbourne.

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  • Scott Cockerham joined 5 years ago
  • HelenO

    A relative novice (playing at sessions since 2011), I play piano accordion.

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  • Alice Hawk

    East coast Florida fiddle player

    joined 4 months ago
  • Eugenie

    Enjoy playing Irish, Scottish, Old Time, and maybe a bit of Nordic, too.

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  • Eric Jodoin

    I Live in Melbourne, Florida USA. I have been an ICU nurse for about 10 years. I play various instruments to include the quena and dizi flutes. Now I am interested in picking up the tin whistle for some good ole Irish folk music.

    joined 7 months ago
  • Jim Murray

    I am a brand new Bodhran fan. Played upright Bass many years ago(never learned to read)and enjoyed it, played strictly by ear. Always thought I would like to play the Bodhran so bought one last month and hear I am ! Any advice is much appreciated thanks....

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  • Ann Dillon

    I live in Melbourne beach I just love to play irish music

  • Scott Elias

    I live in Orlando, FL, originally from PA. A lifelong jazz musician, I play keyboards (piano and organ). My 14-yr-old daughter just started playing a traditional Irish flute (D tunable), and she is a very accomplished Boehm flautist.

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