Members near Ormond Beach, Florida

  • TJ Hooper

    I'm from Daytona Beach, Fl. I play guitar, piano, bass, tin whistle, violin, flute, ocarina, drums, mandolin, ukulele and more.

    joined 2 years ago
  • Patrick Anderson

    Hey- I'm a guitarist, new to the Daytona area. Have a background in a lot of different styles and have come to love Irish traditional music (and related) in the past couple of years. Played with an Irish group in Ohio for a few years and am looking for ne...

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  • RogueFiddler

    I was a very active fiddler in Dayton Ohio (sessions, festivals, teaching) until I had medical interference a few years ago. Hope to become active again in our new home in Port Orange.

  • Jaime Rios joined 5 years ago
  • Kitchenfire

    I'm a long time fiddler with a bit of of an American-Irish style. Have led an active Irish pub band in So California (years ago), now I'm in St. Augustine.

  • Michael Buccieri

    I'm from Buffalo NY now living in Mount Dora. I've been playing guitar most of my life particularly Irish finger style. I've also been playing mandolin for about 10 years.

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  • Scott Cockerham joined 5 years ago
  • AW Demers

    Winter Park, Florida USA

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  • Scott Elias

    I live in Orlando, FL, originally from PA. A lifelong jazz musician, I play keyboards (piano and organ). My 14-yr-old daughter just started playing a traditional Irish flute (D tunable), and she is a very accomplished Boehm flautist.

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  • Fiddledd

    I am a native Floridian and currently live in St Augustine, FL. I've been taking fiddle lessons since April 2015 and love what I've learned so far.

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