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  • mallette

    Irish flute and whistle player since 1991, based in Houston.

  • glnorrisjr

    Been playing flute in one form or another for 20 years, only started getting serious about sounding good in the last eight, and I'm getting closer almost every day (the day's I don't I don't count, so there.).

  • anahuac
  • Fran Peterson

    Houston, Texas

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  • Fluteplayinfool

    I'm From Houston; I play NeoIrish flute, Fok fife, 5-string banjo, mandolin and bones, most often with the North harris County Dulcimer Society (mostly banjo and flutes there, some bones) . I'm currently rebuilding/ refurbishing/destroying(?) a basketcase...

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  • Kelly Anderson joined 4 years ago
  • David Diehl

    Working and playing in Houston Texas.

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  • dalexhouston


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  • kemkane00

    Been playing trad since 1991, lots of time with DADGAD until I could afford other instruments: mandolin, fiddle, bouzouki, banjo.