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  • Jaime Rios joined 8 years ago
  • Rob Glendinning

    Hello all. I'm an avid Celtic enthusiast whose had pipe music in my blood for many years. In my youth I was schooled in drums many years ago as my brother and I were founding members in a pipe band formed in Annapolis MD. But that was a lifetime ago. Now ...

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  • Fiddledd

    I am a native Floridian and currently live in St Augustine, FL. I've been taking fiddle lessons since April 2015 and love what I've learned so far.

    joined 6 years ago
  • FrankOneill

    Beginning bodhran player.

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  • Van M

    Live in northern Florida, USA. Have 3 Irish Wolfhounds and several bodhrans I am learning to play.

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  • DPage


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  • Donna Bigos

    I play bodhran.

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  • Heidi LB

    I live in Neptune Beach Florida. Update: over Pandemic I have grown to love the low D whistleand am becoming adequate. I play viola and Boehm flute and have tried my hand at fiddle, bagpipes, and stand-up bass. Currently enamored with the low whistle.

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  • ksjpublish

    Like to play Irish traditional music on the fiddle; not very good! I live in Middleburg, near Jacksonville, Florida.

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  • J Lawrence

    I'm from the Jacksonville, Florida area. I play sax, clarinet, Boehm flute, Irish flute, pennywhistle, and guitar. I'm better at collecting instruments than I am at playing them, but I keep pressing on.

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