Members near New Orleans, Louisiana

  • Marci McGrath

    New Orleans; plays violin, bass guitar, banjo, guitar, flute, and piano; author of MA thesis (UNO, 1993) “Margaret Haughery And The Establishing of St. Vincent’s Infant Orphan Asylum in New Orleans, 1858.”

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  • Ella I.

    Originally classically-trained in public school orchestra on violin and then cello. Just started piano, been fiddling on and off for a couple years. I have been playing in bands and busking on the streets of New Orleans (mainly) for a few seasons.

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  • George

    Guitar, violin

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  • kpsbreen

    From New Orleans, LA, USA. Play guitar, banjo, bodhran, mandolin

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  • Lmwilliamsjr

    I am from New Orleans, LA but don’t really fancy myself a musician. I play the jug, slide whistle and occasionally a Vietnamese jaw harp or trump. Believe it I have actually been paid to play these, although certainly not enough to support myself.

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  • FledglingFiddler

    Self-taught (for the most part) fiddler, started January 2014. I play Irish tunes, hoping to branch out to some Cajun music soon. Is there a session nearby? I will be there!

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