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  • Alexa Aldridge

    My name is Alexa, and I play violin and mandolin. I'm from Houston, TX, but I lived in Massachusetts for a few years and used to sit in with David Kaynor's band at the Grange Hall contradances in Greenfield (or was it Montague?) Anyway, I'm looking for so...

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  • Shulamith

    I am from The Netherlands. Moved to Texas in 2003 and am still here. Went to an Irish Music Festival in 2009 for the first time, loved it and am attending annually. Had to learn to play by ear from that moment. That was new. I am classically trained, and ...

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  • Al Vacek

    Native of Houston, TX; play the flute, guitar and accordion.

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  • syale
  • Lisa Cressman

    I'm an adult fiddle student of about seven years, but also play flute since childhood, penny whistle for about ten years, and sing. Fiddle's my first love and also the hardest! I live in the Houston, TX area.

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  • casaerwin

    I must have taken hundreds of piano lessons when I was a kid and later as a young adult, but I was never really able to play anything very well. I lacked coordination between the two hands. I also was a music major in cllege and have an Associate degree...

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  • Frank Coats

    I'm in Houston, Texas, and play a bit of guitar and 5-string banjo and less of the fiddle, but would like to play more. We have a preschool at the place where I work and I'm able to entertain the little ones at least once per month and I occasionally pla...

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  • Cotton Ginnee

    Texas,fiddle,mandolin,harmonica,vocals several styles.Experienced,skilled,professional.

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  • mlowery

    I currently live in Houston, TX. I play fiddle and also make noises on the banjo and accordion.

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  • scullycasey