Members near Waveland, Mississippi

  • Alex Gibson

    Hi! I'm Alex. I've been a Trombone player for about 19 years now, but just recently picked up the fiddle. I currently hail from Waveland, MS and have an interest in, primarily Irish fiddle but enjoy American, Bluegrass, or Cajun just as much.

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  • Christopher Crittenden


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  • Jeff Stewart joined 7 years ago
  • parsondave

    Advancing beginner. Hooking up with a Celtic group, musicians with whistles, drums, fiddles; also doing some Old Time and a little bluegrass

  • Brae joined 10 months ago
  • William Bonham

    I live in New Orleans and play guitar and mandolin.

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  • Steve Collins

    I am a native of Biloxi, Mississippi. I play several bagpipes (Uilleann, GHB, and others) and whistle. My wife and I play with friends in a local, mostly traditional band, Blarney Coast.

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  • Daniel Vance

    Hometown: New Orleans

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  • khosch

    Play hammered dulcimer.

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  • Sarah Toball

    I'm from Biloxi, MS, USA. I play lots of instruments, but I love playing tunes on whistle, recorder, flute, or mandolin! Also working on harp.

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