Members near Austin, Texas

  • Ben Robinette joined 4 years ago
  • Dan Watkins

    I'm a folk enthusiast, folk song collector, songwriter, and musician.

  • Pamela Weems

    Hello, I live in Cedar Park, Texas, just northwest of Austin. I play keyboard (piano) for some of our local dances, both Contra and English Country. My favorites are waltzes.

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  • Joseph Romeo

    I live between Austin, Big Bend and Durango. I sing and mostly play guitar, mandolin, Scottish bellows small pipes.

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  • Kendall Wampler

    Re-read my bio and it was from 3 years ago, right before I married my wife. Well, I'm happily married, living in the Austin, TX area, working as the tech/fixit guy for a commercial print shop, and not practicing as much as I'd like to be. Still getting so...

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  • Ian Varley

    I live in Austin, TX, and I play Piano Accordion (also known as the "uilleann keytar").

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  • ChipBach

    I’m a mandolin/guitar player from Austin, Texas. I love bluegrass, Old Time, Celtic, etc.

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  • Adrian Glover

    Concertina player from Austin, Texas. Got my first concertina in 2014 (a Rochelle) and a couple years later picked up an Edgely. Started learning through OAIM, and then found a tutor through my local music store: Fiddler's Green here in Austin, TX. Attend...

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