Members near Rio Rico, Arizona

  • Daniel Horton

    Living in Rio Rico, AZ down by the border. I'm a flute and whistle player dabbling in mando and guitar and blues harp.

    joined 6 years ago
  • Sahge Acuna

    I currently live in the United States and have a passion in instrumentation. I spend most of my time at school and spend free time arranging music. I play the saxophone, piano, viola, clarinet, guitar and the bagpipes. I hope to one day try other pipes in...

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  • Mike Swain

    Born in Miami, FL in the 1950's, my wife and I now travel the US in an RV fulltime and are in our 8th year. I play guitar and I play at the banjo but it hasn't taken yet.

    joined 4 years ago
  • don nathan

    I live in Tucson AZ, play the fiddle (Suzuki with my daughter many years ago!), just getting back into it after a decade or so!

    joined 2 years ago
  • Liney Bear
  • azfiddle

    I play mostly fiddle, also some mandolin and banjo- Irish and contra dance music. I live in Tucson Arizona, and have played with a couple of bands- Round the House and Scatter the Dust. Currently not part of a performing group.

  • Icarus3825 joined 7 years ago
  • Kyle Smith

    I used to dance with a Scottish dance troup out at the Arizona Renaissance Festival. When I busted my knee I picked up a whistle and haven't really put it down since.

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  • Jobrien

    I come from London, have lived in different parts of Europe, Pennsylvania and now southern Arizona. I play mainly Irish and celtic music, usually on guitar and I sing a bit. My website is website -

  • Debbie Bishop Lydon

    I lead a ukulele club. THE HIGH STRUNG DESERT UKESTERS was founded in McNeal AZ and now meets in Bisbee, AZ. Uke is my current passion, but I also play guitar, and bits of electric bass, mandolin, and banjo.

    joined 6 years ago