Members near Sierra Vista, Arizona

  • Sahge Acuna

    I currently live in the United States and have a passion in instrumentation. I spend most of my time at school and spend free time arranging music. I play the saxophone, piano, viola, clarinet, guitar and the bagpipes. I hope to one day try other pipes in...

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  • Astarwulf

    Classical/Folk Guitarist from Southern Arizona studying in Salt Lake City

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  • Kate Maxwell

    I'm from Bisbee, Arizona. I play piano with the Celtic Steampunk band Mules Verne. I also play bodhran, djembe and am learning ukulele.

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  • James Wahl

    Hi! Currently I live in SE Arizona State, just north of the Republic of Mexico and about 40 miles west of New Mexico. I play guitar and mandolin family: mandolin, octave mandolin, and bouzouki. Wide-ranging interests, musically; Irish trad, old-timey, etc...

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  • Daniel Horton

    Living in Rio Rico, AZ down by the border. I'm a flute and whistle player dabbling in mando and guitar and blues harp.

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  • Earnan F

    For the last 14 years or so I've been playing fiddle. Prior to that I played banjo for about a dozen years. In general I play dance tunes, not strictly Irish. A local musician gets lots of tunes from The Session, so here I am.

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  • azfiddle

    I play mostly fiddle, also some mandolin and banjo- Irish and contra dance music. I live in Tucson Arizona, and have played with a couple of bands- Round the House and Scatter the Dust. Currently not part of a performing group.

  • Michael Dauphinais

    Pianist by trade, always loved traditional music, recently acquired a 20-button (D/A) concertina.

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  • hamily


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  • Dani Keiko

    I was born and grew up in Tokyo and have been living in the U.S. since 1993. I play accordion in several groups in Tucson, Arizona. I play any genre of music from classical to Jazz, folk, rock and dance tunes. I love traveling and take my small accordio...

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