Members near Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

  • Cheri+alice

    Mom to fiddler, in Hilton head, sc, USA.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Michael Nicholson

    From Nova Scotia, play banjo and guitar. Play with a group at a local pub once a week and with a group in South Carolina in the winter.

    joined 2 years ago
  • GLMoser

    Primarily a fretted instrument player. Extensive performing experience. Some studio work. Guitar, Bass, Uke, Banjo (Tenor), and Irish Bouzouki. 50+ years on guitar and bass. Much less on the others.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Séarles O’Connell

    Flutes , whistles and accordions .

    joined 10 months ago
  • Michael Corbett joined 3 years ago
  • lamh trom

    Dano age 44 And counting.

  • Joe Gerardi

    Classical violin Keyboards, Low D whistle.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Joe MacDonald

    I live in Jacksonville Florida. Am working in Savannah Georgia. I play a little acoustic guitar, some mandolin, and I own a Bart Reiter open back banjo. I love the sound of clawhammer style.

    joined 8 years ago
  • Bertha Booker

    Charleston, SC fiddle

    joined 4 years ago
  • Audrey

    My name is Audrey Allgaier. I live in Savannah GA (USA) and I play flute as well as sing professionally. I also teach music privately. I work with a very talented classical guitarist who also plays a wide variety of strings including mandolin, lute, and u...

    joined 6 years ago