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  • jan cermak

    Fiddle player for Seamus Stout

  • Hailemariam B. Seyoum joined 3 years ago
  • Michael James

    I'm a rhythm guitarist and occasional bodhránist. I've been playing since about 1993. I regularly attend the session at J. Gilligan's in Arlington, TX and I'm also a member of the T.I.M.E.S. Band & Session Players (

  • Susan Fain

    I live in Texas and am a professional flutist and retired physical therapist.

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  • Harold Fain

    I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, and I have been to Ireland and I can't wait to go back someday. I love traditional Irish music and literature, love to sing their songs and I'm learning to play the bodhran.

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  • Thomas McArdle

    I was born in Dundalk, Co.Louth Ireland. I play the Piano Classical and Irish style (Vamping). I also like to play Jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, slides and waltzes Pianoforte style, (self taught!). I also play the Bodhran but do not practice on it enoug...

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  • Kenzie Clarke

    I am a young computer science student who plays both the Spanish guitar and the Irish fiddle. I love listening to instrumental music, particularly music from different cultures, and how certain scales and melody patterns are adopted as a representative so...

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  • morenoa0922

    I live in Arlington, TX but my work takes me to Maryland every week where I attend the session at McGinty's in Silver Spring every time I can. I started playing mandolin and banjo in April 2006.