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  • An Draighean

    I'm a piper and play Martin Preshaw flat sets in B and C natural, and a Geoff Wooff concert pitch set. Whistle too.

  • Robert Balch

    Fort Worth Texas

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  • Azle Concertina

    I live in Azle, Texas. I play the Anglo concertina, and I am currently learning the mandolin.

  • Gilbert Wade

    I am a classical guitarist living in Fort Worth, Texas. I work as a Therapeutic Musician working mainly in hospice. I was trained by the Music for Healing and Transitional Program ( and earned a Certified Music Practitioner certification.

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  • Thomas McArdle

    I was born in Dundalk, Co.Louth Ireland. I play the Piano Classical and Irish style (Vamping). I also like to play Jigs, reels, polkas, hornpipes, slides and waltzes Pianoforte style, (self taught!). I also play the Bodhran but do not practice on it enoug...

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  • Harold Fain

    I'm from Fort Worth, Texas, and I have been to Ireland and I can't wait to go back someday. I love traditional Irish music and literature, love to sing their songs and I'm learning to play the bodhran.

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  • Martheine joined 2 years ago
  • Tom McArdle

    I was born Dundalk, Co.Louth Ireland. I am now living in Fort Worth, TX, I play the piano and bodhran.

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  • Hailemariam B. Seyoum joined one year ago
  • Susan Fain

    I live in Texas and am a professional flutist and retired physical therapist. I have an Irish flute on order and will begin learning it when I receive it here in a few weeks or so.

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