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  • reidh

    from: az

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  • J Mendoza


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  • Brian Daniel

    I’m from Phoenix Arizona, USA. I started playing the piano about 2 years ago.

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  • 12202013 joined 5 months ago
  • Aaron Bruce

    I’m a cello and mandocello player living in the Phoenix valley area

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  • Keith Watt

    I’m in Phoenix, AZ, and I’m just starting the learn the penny whistle!

    joined 4 years ago
  • Teri Pretlow

    I was born in Long Beach, California, but ended up in Phoenix, Arizona after a few journeys elsewhere! I learned to play violin in Junior High school, but didn’t pick it up again until age 36.

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  • Chad Warden

    I’m from a little town in Arizona now living in Los Angeles California. I’ve always loved everything Irish even before I found out that it makes up most of my blood. Recently decided to fully embrace it.

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  • Lois Blake joined 5 years ago
  • Mike Robinson

    Have a question. My 82 year old mother has an old time (circa 1936 when she bought it new), 120 bass accordian that must weigh 40-45 lbs.

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