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  • József Váradi

    I was classically trained on trombone. I played professionally for 10 years. I’ve since quit to become a Christian minister. I now have a new passion for historic folk music.

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  • BansheeBiscuits

    I play harp and Irish style button accordion. I should say I play irish music on the harp, a 16 year old Larry Egar (from Cork City) made from Elm. Mr. Egar has since passed away and the harp has been refurbished by Rick Kemper (Sligo Harps) in Silver ...

  • Justin

    From San Diego - Studied guitar in school but recently adding trad irish instruments such as tin whistle, fiddle, bodhran.

    joined 7 years ago
  • wotamite

    I'm from the north of Spain. Lived in Madrid for the greatest part of my life and recently moved to San Diego, CA. I've been playing bouzouki since 1999 in many different kinds of folk, such as Asturian (Spain), Irish, Breton, Turkish, Bulgarian, etc. I s...

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  • Steven David joined 6 years ago
  • Patty Parra

    I live in Carlsbad, CA. I played classical violin as a child- grew up and got bored, put it down for years. Just picked it back up and learning to play the "fiddle" instead! I absolutely love folk music.... Especially love trad Irish!! It's like ridin...

    joined 5 years ago
  • Kathryn Lillich

    I’m a singer and Celtic harpist from Southern California!

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  • Gary Carr joined 4 years ago
  • Kevin Vogel

    I like to play my guitar, but only do it as a hobby. I also help people buy and sell used musical instruments and guitars online.

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  • Cheryl Barry

    I am play the Mandolin and the Octave Mandolin.

    joined one year ago