Members near Huntington Beach, California

  • Barbara Gershman

    SoCal, USA

    joined 3 years ago
  • Petey_Whistle

    I play tin whistle pretty well. I play the Uilleann pipes not so well but I'm getting better.

  • Betsy Brandel

    I'm from Seal Beach Ca. Been learning the fiddle for six years but haven't had a lesson in nearly two. I'm long overdue.

    joined one year ago
  • Sam Mo


    joined 4 years ago
  • Clonmacnoise joined 4 years ago
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  • BobP

    Southern California. Decades ago, I was an advanced beginner on guitar and fiddle. Working on guitar; trying to pick up the whistle.

    joined one year ago
  • Jessetebay

    I'm from California, and I am a vocalist studying at Cal State Long Beach as a baritone. I'm just learning the penny whistle and stumbled upon this site, I'm very excited to learn!

    joined 3 years ago
  • Kurt Sparkuhl joined one year ago
  • Richard D Cook

    I've been playing Highland pipes, uilleann pipes, whistles, and flutes since the late 1970's. I also play gaita, gaida, and Cornish double pipes.