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  • Whimbrel

    I'm a college student living in California. I'm an English major, and have a passion for reading, writing and learning about other cultures. My initial love for folk music stems from the fact that my family is Lithuanian, and for quite some time I attende...

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  • Sherrie

    I'm a multi instrumentalist -I play & teach mandolin,mtn dulcimer and banjo-I'm starting to learn Irish tunes on the 5 & 6 string banjo. Occasionally I dabble with autoharp & fiddle. I'm a Native Californian of Irish/Scottish/Welsh ancestry,and am very in...

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  • jimodity

    I live in Hermosa Beach and am from Lackawanna, New York. I play fiddle songs and often can wing an accompaniment to my wife's singing and guitar playing.

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  • Jim Sliff

    Retired, disabled Registered Curmudgeon. 😉

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  • Diane Stevens

    I recently moved to Concord, OH, from Michigan. I play the fiddle and bodhran. I read music and would like to play with fellow fiddlers and others. I have played in sessions in Ann Arbor, MI, And Fort Myers, FL. I also enjoy playing old timey music an...

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