Members near Camden, South Carolina

  • Charlie Brown

    Middling whistle player in Columbia, SC interested in playing ITM with others.

  • Brent Hill joined 5 years ago
  • Melissa Gambrell

    Started fiddling in November 2014 after some early experience with the violin as a kid. Having a lot more fun as a fiddler! Now living in South Carolina. Skills have improved. Now playing by ear.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Ben Wilkerson

    Being a product of Irish and Scottish stock, I am naturally a huge fan of traditional Scottish and Irish ceolás agus orainn. Though I don't play any instruments at the moment, I would love to play the fiddle.

    joined 5 years ago
  • alyssa Daniel

    I play the violin.

    joined 7 years ago
  • Davey Mathias joined 7 years ago
  • Greg Willson joined 8 years ago
  • tracyamartin

    I play guitar and have dabbled with mandolin. Now I'm trying to learn Irish bouzouki because it's so much easier to fret than a mandolin.

    joined 6 years ago
  • dbritton

    I'm living in South Carolina now, having moved here from New Jersey over 22 years ago. I play fiddle and hammered dulcimer mostly, and dabble in guitar and piano. Learned to love the fiddle from my dad, who played by ear the tunes he learned from his fa...

  • jacksone

    Florida, NC, SC

    joined 4 years ago