Members near Santa Clarita, California

  • Rollo West

    I am from Southern California and I play the violin.

    joined 7 years ago
  • grady nalley joined 4 years ago
  • Pat Mac Swyney

    Greetings from north County Los Angeles. I’ve been playing Irish Trad. since about 1980. Primary instruments: Octave Mandolin (aka bouzouki), Mandolin, Tin Whistle. Also play assorted strings in Trad.

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  • Paul O'Connor

    I live in Chatsworth, California. Having never played an instrument before, I began my fiddle learning journey in 2005.

  • Emory Batten

    My name is Emory and I live in the San Fernando Valley. I am learning to play the recorder and tin whistle. I am starting with a Soprano that was my Grandmother’s. Maybe slightly out of tune but it’s OK, because it was hers.

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  • Amanda Lindgren

    Hey all! I live in southern California. I am currently learning to play the hammered dulcimer. I grew up playing the piano and marimba/ xylophone and wanted to try something new.

    joined 9 years ago
  • ClarinetAndrew61

    As my handle says, I play clarinets. I was an avid Scottish Country Dancer until injury stopped that. I still enjoy Scottish/Irish/Celtic music. I currently play bass clarinet with the Scottish Fiddlers of Los Angeles.

  • fiddleK

    Hello there! My name is Kira. I’m a fiddler from Los Angeles, CA. I was trained as a classical violist (not violinist!) as a youngster, but switched to fiddle about 15 years ago. I teach and play regularly in the LA area.

  • irishfiddledee

    Los Angeles

    joined 4 years ago
  • Kenn Heller

    I live in North Hollywood, CA and I play mandolin, Bouzouki, banjo, guitar, hammered dulcimer, dulcimer, and a few others

    joined 2 years ago