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  • Barry L McGuire

    Santa Barbara, CA, USA

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  • Eliot

    Eliot Jacobson is a retired professor of mathematics and computer science, with a specialty in casino games. Eliot has been writing poetry most of his life, but finds words and metaphors very difficult compared to numbers and logic. Nowadays, Eliot spends...

  • sstewart


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  • MarcoTam
  • Felicia Greenwald

    I have played flute in the past but not recent. Hoping to get into it more! And learn the penny whistle

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  • Dawn Corso

    Professor of music education and ethnomusicology at University of Arizona. Avid Irish trad fan and player/singer.

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  • Coleen Van Nostrand

    I am from Santa Barbara, CA, originally Canadian. I play the violin, some easy piano, and beginning accordion.

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  • Gary Jensen

    Tenor Banjo (Irish tuning)

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