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  • Sgriob

    Expat Scot in California for a few decades. Taught myself mandola, mandolin, clawhammer banjo, tinwhistle. These days my set list is almost entirely Scots with a bias towards pipe marches, dance tunes and Gaelic airs. An awful dearth of Scots musicos aro...

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  • Robin Riley

    Hi! I’ve been playing my grandpas fiddle now for four years and I love it! Just getting to the point where I would like to get a session going in Ojai/Ventura area of California. Anybody out there who would like to join me?

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  • Shoshana McNoughton

    I'm short, red-haired, and play fiddle. So, what are you gonna do about it?

    joined 7 years ago
  • Thomas James

    Play guitar, mostly, for Pint of Irish in Ventura, California. I have been with them about six months and this is a completely new music venue for me. I also play the Boehm system flute and Irish whistle.

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  • Timothy O'Mahony

    My name is Timothy and am a family man who resides in a small seaside community on the outskirts of Santa Barbara California. I have a lifetime love of music and a big part of that interest is ITM. The only instrument I play are low whistles and I have ...

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  • Ben Shear

    Mandolin, Guitar, Irish Whistle, Clawhammer banjo, and learning anglo concertina. Most proficient in mandolin and guitar.