Members near California

  • MooglePower

    Hi. My name is Ian Martyn and I’m from Los Angeles, California, USA. I currently live in Goleta, California, USA. That’s near Santa Barbara.

  • mroyivvi

    Hi there! I’m a musicologist from California who plays whistles and hurdy-gurdy in the Santa Barbara Folk Orchestra.

    joined 5 years ago
  • Ruby Gavin

    I was born and raised in Galway, Ireland, to a family of musicians, but am now going to college in Santa Barbara, California.

    joined 9 years ago
  • Gary Jensen

    Tenor Banjo (Irish tuning)

    joined 10 years ago
  • Coleen Van Nostrand

    I am from Santa Barbara, CA, originally Canadian. I play the violin, some easy piano, and beginning accordion.

    joined 10 years ago
  • La Arcada Bistro joined 7 years ago
  • Susannah

    I am from Germany, live in Santa Barbara and play Cornemuse (french bagpipe in A/G) and Irish tin whistle. I play folk music from France and medieval tunes on the bagpipe and celtic/irish tunes on the whistle.

    joined 8 years ago
  • tenoreleven joined 7 years ago
  • MarcoTam
  • Dawn Corso

    Professor of music education and ethnomusicology at University of Arizona. Avid Irish trad fan and player/singer.

    joined 6 years ago