Members near Huntsville, Alabama

  • Sliabh

    Originally from upstate New York and, after a handful of years in Brooklyn, moved to northern Alabama. A silver/Boehm flute player for several years with an early-music and experimental bent, in 2013 I started scratching an Irish-music itch I'd had for a ...

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  • wallace berry

    Auburn, Alabama, USA

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  • Allan J MacKenzie joined 7 years ago
  • Hsv Mike

    I've been lurking around The Session for years and found it to be a valuable reference and a great source of entertainment. Always meant to sign up, but never got around to it (I'm a terrible procrastinator). I tend to bounce around between guitar and t...

    joined 6 years ago
  • strayawaychild26

    Engineer from Huntsville, AL, USA. Plays guitar, tenor banjo, whistle.

    joined 3 years ago
  • David Linden

    I've been away from playing for a few years and trying to get back into it. I'm looking for sessions within a convenient drive of Huntsville, Alabama or anywhere I might travel to. I played in the Huntsville area band Sa Cheo for about ten years. My ma...

  • Phil Williamson

    I have played the fiddle for the last 30+ years. Focus mostly on Irish and Scottish tunes. Play in a band called "SlipJig" in my home town of Huntsville, Alabama, USA.

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  • Priyank Patel joined 7 years ago
  • Jerry Cobbs

    I'm from Alabama, in the southeastern US. My wife and I play and write original folk tunes as well as playing other tunes. Between us we play bass, guitar, keyboards, cello, violin, and in particular the Merlin, a type of dulcimer that is held like a gu...

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  • JimD

    I just moved to Madison, Alabama. I play guitar, fiddle and piano and right now I'm focused on the fiddle.

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